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Welcome to our site ....Guraba Engineering LTD.It is an ISO 9001 certified company.We are here for you.

Since 2002, we’ve been providing the highest quality  service to businesses and professionals around country.

Guraba Engineering LTD. is a multifaceted product and service organization. Our company is working in the field of manufacturing, supplying, erecting, testing and commissioning of distribution transformers, automatic voltage regulator (AVR), complete substations and turnkey projects over the last 7 years. Guraba Engineering LTD. is also successfully conducting trade of energy and power equipment, heating ventilators and air conditions, fire suppression and rescue equipment, security and access control systems, etc in Bangladesh. The company has gradually gathered experience of 7 years in its bucket in the field of trade also. It is an ISO 9001 certified company which maintains its quality in accordance with the International Quality Norms (IEC).

Guraba promotes fire safety and security by providing innovative life solutions all under one roof. Guraba offers a wide range of world-class fire fighting equipment, trucks and vehicles, fire pumps and controllers, fire protection systems, passive fire protection, extra-low voltage solutions, medical, safety, and training.

Since 2002

Guraba leads the fire fighting market in Bangladesh with our selection of fire pumps and controllers. Our products have been certified to the highest international standards and will provide optimal protection. We even customize our collection of fire pumps and controllers to suit your building.


Guraba supplies a complete selection of fire protections systems that will improve the safety of your property . We manufacture every fire system in accordance with international standards. Our company supplies fire protection systems such as: water-based, gas-based, foam-based, powder-based and wet chemicals systems.

5 Star Service

Guraba is a leading supplier of fire hoses and accessories in Bangladesh and  Our hoses and accessories are fully certified by the NFPA and UL. Every fire hose we provide will enable your fire fighting team to stop fires quickly in your property or environment.

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