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Modern world is governed by the latest technologies and power resources that can produce more in less time using fewer resources. As a small and developing country it is our responsibility to ensure optimum utilization of our resources and move toward its crafty management. Guraba Engineering Ltd., not only works as a manufacturer, trader or supplier it also provides solutions in power (electric) sector to assist you to take the right decision.

The importance of good quality has always been treasured more than the quantity. Ultimately the good quality brings savings and comfort in long run. That’s why we always give highest importance in quality than quantity. And this choice has made us more confident and definitive about our products and solutions.

By maintaining a group of expert engineers and experienced professionals we always focus on maintaining five things:

1. Man   2. Machine    3. Medium     4. Mission     5. Management

The use of latest technologies in the power and energy sector is creating a constructive and long term effect in the proper and skilled utilization of the present resources. Knowledge of the impact of new technologies on energy consumption is very important for understanding recent trends in energy consumption, why they are arising, how they are being used and finally in making projections about future consumption.

As a conscious citizen of Bangladesh we are going to focus on using latest technologies in our new factory for the ultimate well being of our country and so the world.  We believe that people of our country will realize and prop up our innovative effort with their concerned mind and gradually feel the need of this change. It’s your support which can change the scenario of power and energy sector in Bangladesh. In this way we want to fill up the present technological gap in Bangladesh through our innovative outlook, hard work, labor force and efficiency.

Guraba Engineering Ltd always stays tuned with the latest technology to meet the latest demand. We are equipped well enough to support any crisis moment.  The main objective of using the latest technology is to provide the best quality product to remain unparallel and unique in this competitive market. We understand the cost one has to pay in case of delay, that’s why we are very much concerned about maintaining the schedule. Guraba Engineering Ltd is working hard to maintain an inventive environment to make the best use of its employee’s vast experience and achievements in maintaining and developing the standard of our products and services.

Our R&D is growing in a fast way to support our future projects of manufacturing and developing new products and associated services in Bangladesh to widen our field of business and to meet our customers’ demands more efficiently, locally and in a more cost effective way.

We are very grateful to our customers, clients and stuffs for keeping faith on us, maintaining an affable corporate culture and giving us the opportunity to serve them and so for the country. Guraba Engineering Ltd understands the importance of you, urgency of your work and promises you to serve not only up to your satisfaction level but also to maintain a long-lasting relationship with you.

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